The Mound City Library’s Farmer’s Market has consolidated with Junk in the Trunk and is now the Mound City Library’s Street Market. The Street Market is open on Thursday afternoons and evenings, as well as Saturday mornings. There is no need to pre-register. You are welcome to set up your booth (table) in the library’s parking lot, for free.If you want to have a lemonade stand, sell cookies, play music, trade your trinkets, sell your produce, or offer your service, we have space for you at the Mound City Library’s Street Market!Spring cleaning always goes better when you have a place to take your things, other than the compactor, and cleaning can last through the summer, or all year. I enjoy watching for garage sales, yard sales, barn sales, auctions and etc. Lots of people have some neat stuff to sell. People living outside of town might not have the greatest turnout if they held a yard sale. Having a yard sale on a weekend can do the trick, but not for those outside of town, or without the means to advertise. We are offering a space for that to happen on a weekly basis, twice a week.

Some people don’t want to sell, and would rather trade their belongings. A personal collection is an endeavor to expand upon, and carries a sentiment for many. How can people reach out to others and offer to another something in exchange for developing their own collection? (Street Market?) Bartering can be a joy! Sometimes we give into thrift and we have things around that serve a purpose, for a time, and you wouldn’t mind if it grew legs and walked out the door. There could be one of our neighbors who could use some leg growing thrifty trinkets, and they’ve got a thing that grows wings for trade.

Hobbies can be more than fun, they can be an income and an experience to share. You might not quit your day job for a karaoke gig, but you can still share your talents and hope for the best. I’ve met people whose primary source of income came from offering themselves or their product on the street side. Artists follow their passion, the reward is far more than monetary. Sharing one’s own creativity and seeing the change is rewarding in its own way. It can be hard to market a skill or service. Modern marketing methods involve the internet, advertisements, and networking. Someone with a little extra time and a service, can have difficulty getting started and finding interest. Getting started usually means there’s a place to get started…

We invite you and welcome you to Mound City Library’s Street Market.

Afternoon/evenings. Saturday mornings