Mound City Library’s New Books

The Bride's Room / by Simpkins, Daphne
Before She Finds Me : by Chavez, Heather
The Other Half / by Vassell, Charlotte
Alex Cross Must Die / by Patterson, James
Bluey : Bob Bilby
Good Night, Fruit Bat.
Lay Them to Rest : by Norton, Laurah
Quit Being An Idiot : by Pearlman, Robb
The Edge / by Baldacci, David
Trail of the Lost : by Lankford, Andrea
The Comfort of Crows : by Renkl, Margaret
The Captain Underpants Double-Crunchy Book O' Fun / by Pilkey, Dav
Bluey :
Because I Could Not Stop for Death : by Flower, Amanda
Live On Purpose : by Huff, Sadie Robertson
Trust the Grind : by Bhandari, Jeremy
The Creek.
Bluey : Camping /
Nebraska : by Frederick, Michael
Kansas : A Novel / by Frederick, Michael
Oklahoma / by Frederick, Michael
Texas / by Frederick, Michael
Arkansas : by Frederick, Michael
Missouri : by Frederick, Michael
Iowa / by Frederick, Michael
Illinois / by Frederick, Michael
Hailey Haddie's Minute Mysteries Christmas Edition : by Bowman, Marian J
The Girl Who Broke the World / by Hayes, Renee

Wednesday, December 13th, at 4:30 pm, is when our December Board of Trustees Meeting is scheduled.

The meetings are located at the Mound City Library and the public is invited to attend.

Ancestry Library is now available for use at the Mound City Library.

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The Summer Reading Challenge comes to an End!

The Summer Reading Challenge comes to an End!

Summer events at the library always include extra noise and excitement, and are worth both, however, one of my favorite parts of summer is the Summer Reading Challenge! I remember the summer of my first real love for reading and libraries happened: the summer before...

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August's Book for the Book Walk is ready to read! The book begins at the K-State Extension office (the cover page) and makes it way East on Main Street, turning back West at Landmark Bank. Take a few moments to complete the form (via QR Code) at the end of the story...

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We are excited to have offered our library’s first annual Poetry Contest! The contest is wrapped up, and we have rescheduled the celebration to include at least 2 of this year’s first place winners. We are so happy with everyone that submitted a poem. Thank you! We...

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